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Decorating Wizard,

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The Decorating Wizard Books are for the novice interior decorator!

Whether you call home a cottage, condo or castle, the Decorating Wizard

“How To” Books will be an invaluable tool for transforming your personal environment into a beautifully designed and functional space. Make your home a showplace!

Jo Blythe , Author


This book through guidelines and full-color photographs, will instruct and demonstrate a wide variety of accessorizing methods in turning a drab and uninteresting room into a beautifully designed room with drama and interest. Also, instruction on selecting a color scheme and how to create that all-important focal point  Most “fixes” are DIY! Several DIY architectural elements are also included. “Suggested Resources” hyperlinks are included in each accessory category for your reference and shopping convenience. Learn the secret to accessorizing that the pros use.

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MASTER PLAN” (Book No. 1 of 2)

This is a workbook - not a coffee table book.  Learn to create an Interior Decorating Master Plan for one room, the entire home, or even an office!  Follow the easy step-by-step instructions with full-color photographs and prepare a simple   architectural room layout, a furniture layout, decide on your color scheme, and so much more. If you have a master plan, you will not make any expensive mistakes when it comes to purchasing new furnishings.  And, you can work on your decorating project as time and budget allows - taking advantage of home furnishings sales.  This book will not teach you to be a professional interior decorator - BUT - it will teach you to get the same result!  This book is an invaluable tool for everyone who appreciates good interior design and desires to live in a beautiful and functional environment.

Amazon Release Date:  April 2016


(Book No. 2 of 2)

This is a workbook - not a coffee table book. This is book No. 2 that teaches you to implement the Master Plan created in Book No. 1 “How to Create an Interior Decorating Master Plan.”  Now you will be prepared to begin transforming your chosen room into the room you envision.  Follow the sequence of events from demolition to purchasing new furnishings, obtaining subcontractor bids, schedule various installations, delivery and setup, and finally -- accessorizing. (see “How to Accessorize and Turn a Room From Dull Into Fabulous” above.)

Amazon Release Date:  May 2016


This burgundy  zippered portfolio case is filled with everything you will need to decorate a room or entire home. Learn to Be Your Own Decorator with DECORATING WIZARD PORTFOLIO and learn the Key Interior Design Principles as you actually decorate your chosen room.   It’s fun! It’s easy -- anybody can do it - and your end result will be a beautiful and functional room for you, your family and friends. The portfolio includes the above three books compiled on CD* and a second CD* with Decorators’ Resources, plus the following:

  1. Scaled Graph Paper (1/4”)

  2. Furniture Template

  3. Die-Cut Furniture Pieces

  4. Color Wheel w/Color Schemes

  5. Drafting/Mechanical Pencil

  6. Pencil-Style Eraser

  7. Business Card Index Page

This portfolio is a must for every homeowner and it makes a great gift and it comes boxed for gift wrapping!

Release Date: May 2016

$69.95 + tax (includes shipping within the USA)

* Compatible with Mac and PC

“Never was a house so bad that it couldn’t be made into something wonderful” 

Elsie de Wolfe